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K2K Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
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K2K Collaboration, January, 2004
For official information about K2K, or to request a speaker
at a scientific conference, please contact the spokesperson or (513) 793-0874.
Final result of K2K oscillation measurement has been published in Physical Review D.(2006.10.12)
Prof. Koichiro Nishikawa was awarded the Nishina Memorial Prize (2005.11.14) /Japanese/
Updated result of K2K oscillation analysis has been published in Physical Review Letters.(2005.03.04)
Prof. Yoji Totsuka was awarded the Order of Culture, Japan's most prestigious honor in the fields of culture and science. (2004.10.29) /KEK news [Japanese Only]/
PRESS RELEASE: Recent Results from Neutrino Oscillations Experiment (2004.06.10).
Fujihara Seminar: "NEUTRINO MASS AND SEESAW MECHANISM" SEESAW 1979-2004 (2004.02.23-25).
SciBar detector in operation !(2003.10.16), KEK NEWS, Japanese Only
The K2K experiment has been resumed successfully !(2003.01.09), KEK NEWS, Japanese Only
K2K oscillation analysis paper has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters.(2002.12.13)
Prof. Totsuka has won a National Cultural Prize, 2002.(2002.10.31), KEK NEWS, Japanese Only
Prof. Koshiba has won Nobel Prize in Physics (2002.10.08), KEK NEWS, Japanese Only
PRESS RELEASE: Recent Results from Neutrino Oscillations Experiment(2002.06.12)  Japanese Only
Message from K2K spokesperson on the Super-Kamiokande accident(2001.11.14)
PRESS RELEASE: 8606027805(2001.07.10)
PRESS RELEASE: Current Status of K2K (2000.07.17)
(603) 288-1089 (1999.10.30)
PRESS RELEASE: First KEK neutrino beam event found at Super-Kamiokande (1999.06.28)
(214) 427-2893(1999.03)
Neutrino mass was detected at the Super Kamiokande. NEUTRINO'98 at Takayama, Japan (1998.06.04-09)
Introduction to K2K experiment
Figures / Photos
845-614-8499(K2K Executive Committee)
Collaboration Institute / Member List
Publications(under construction)
(954) 766-0712 (password required)
Super KAMIOKANDE Official Homepage
SUNY/Stony Brook K2K page
U. of Washington K2K page
PS Beam Channel Group Homepage
T2K from Tokai to Kamioka Next Generation Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
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